We care about ecology

We like to be consistent with nature. Respect for the surrounding nature was a priority for us when creating Szumilas. The well-thought-out architecture of our houses, the selection of materials and colors in the interiors, the creation of a garden with plant species found in the area, and a number of other pro-ecological activities make staying in Szumilas conscious and extremely soothing.

Photovoltaic panels

All (!) electricity we use comes from renewable sources.

Drinking tap water

We promote drinking tap water. Our water is tested and comes from waterworks.

We plant plants

We planted over 2,000 seedlings of local species in our garden.

EV charging

Charge your electric vehicle with a 22 kW AC charger.

Natural cosmetics

We provide our guests with natural reusable cosmetics.

Towels change

We limit water and chemicals – we replace them only at the Guest’s request.

Bio building materials

Superior houses are made of 100% biodegradable building materials.

Waste segregation

All waste is carefully segregated at collection points.