Attractions and surroundings

What will delight you Lubiatowo with and its surroundings? First of all, nature. The most beautiful beaches in Poland and vast forests with many opportunities for active recreation. There are many undiscovered and secluded nooks and crannies here. Places where tourists rarely go. There will also be something for lovers of good food.

Beaches and forest

Due to the fact that we are located close to the forest, we have it at our fingertips. We are only a 15-minute walk from the beaches through this forest (1200 m) – a beautiful, unique, dune forest with heathers and dwarf pines. The beaches in our area are one of the most beautiful in Poland. Clean, wide, with powdery sand, extremely calm. Those who miss the Polish coast are welcome to take long walks along the seashore and watch the sunset.

More photos and information about the beaches and the forest can be found on our Blog.


For the youngest guests (as well as the older ones) there is a playground and a large earthen trampoline located in our garden. There is something special about this place, because children love to spend every moment here until late in the evening. Parents can look after their children from the terraces of (some) cottages or use garden chairs.

More photos from the playground can be found on our Blog.

Our garden

Our area is a beautiful, large garden, which each cottages has a view from the panoramic terrace window. In the garden, we planted many species of plants that occur in the area – high seaside grasses, sea buckthorn, pines, sea holly, herbs and many others, which, surrounding the terraces of the houses, give a lot of intimacy.

You can find more photos of our garden on our Blog.


While in Lubiatowo, it is worth taking your bikes (or renting them in the village in one of the many rentals). There are many bicycle paths here and they are exceptionally beautiful. They run through the heather forest, near the beach and many resting points. In particular, the beautiful and long Eurovelo bicycle path deserves recognition.

You can read more about cycling routes on our Blog.

Lubiatowo Dunes

For those who like active forms of recreation, we recommend a wonderful trip along the natural path of the Lubiatowo Dunes, which starts its route 2.5 km from our cottages. Signposts will guide you along the entire path (6 km). Be sure to visit the viewing platform. Silence, space and unforgettable views.

Horse riding

The Lubiatowo area loves horse riding. There are many horse farms that offer horse riding lessons for beginners, and invite experienced riders to ride in the field (horse riding on the beach is an unique experience!). In Ciekocinko, spectacular horse competitions are held twice a year.

Blog from Szumilas

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