Bike routes in Lubiatowo

Bicycle is the most popular means of transport in Lubiatowo and the surrounding area. There are many shorter and longer bicycle routes that lead through the forest and will always end… at beautiful beach!

Our favourite bike routes

Below you will find descriptions of our favourite routes and bike trips. Most of them are paved and we can easily do them with kids on small bikes or with a bike trailers. Almost each of them ends… on the beach, where we make a rest.

You have no possibility to bring your bike? Rent it in Lubiatowo. Nearby, there are rental spots where you can easily rent a bike, bike seat or bike trailer.
You can store your bicycles in our fenced and monitored area in a shelter with bike stands.

  • to entrance no. 37 – distance 3.4 km, approx. 15 minutes. A simple start trip. There is a paved road throughout the entire route, up to the beach (asphalt and a paved forest road). There are several resting places along the way and the Anna Dymna Foundation “Mimo wszystko”. You can park your bike right next to the entrance to the beach. It is quiet, beautiful and extremely peaceful. Out of season, it is difficult to meet other tourists here.
  • to entrance no. 44 – distance 3 km, approx. 10 minutes. The entire route is a forest ride on a paved, prepared route. There are several rest areas along the way. There are several restaurants on site. We return along the same route or the route near Kopalinskie lake (via the village of Kopalino or the Eurovelo10 route).
  • to entrance no. 48 – distance 5.8 km, approx. 20 minutes. A great trip that ends on the beach in Słajszewo – beautiful, wide and always empty. Along the entire route (Eurovelo10) there is a paved bicycle path and it is entirely in forest! Beautiful, heather. You can park your bike right in front of the beach entrance. Return via the same route or the beach (!), stopping for lunch at entrance no. 44.
  • to Osetnik village – distance 10 km, approx. 35 minutes. This is a longer trip which we spend half a day on. We ride all the time through a beautiful heather forest, along the beach – route Eurovelo10. On the way, we make a stop at the beach entrance no 48. We reach Osetnik, where the route to Stilo beach or the route to the Stilo lighthouse begins. Here we eat lunch and after resting we return along the same route.