Szumilas - Cottages by the sea

All year round cottages in an exceptionally quiet location by the sea (Lubiatowo, Poland).
Only a 15-minute forest walk from one of the most beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea. Stylish interiors surrounded by nature. Moreover, sauna with room of relaxation and jacuzzi under the stars. Light the fireplace, turn on your favorite music, grab an inspiring album and relax in slow mode.

Our cottages

We love nature

Szumilas are located in Lubiatowo (Poland) in the immediate vicinity of a pine forest. From here it is only a moment (15 minutes forest walk) to find yourself on the shore of the Baltic Sea and on the most beautiful beaches in Poland.

Szumilas cottages are stylish interiors and functional design surrounded by nature, where every detail matters. Refined wooden architecture consistent with the surroundings. Meticulously designed interiors, where we used high-quality natural finishing materials. And a very large garden – the quintessence of the surrounding nature, with high coastal grasses, pine trees and natural meadows.

In Szumilas you can hear not only the sound of the forest, but also the sound of the sea and the sound of a nearby stream. In the evenings, the houses are drowned in an insane, red-pink sunset, and soon after, a warm evening mist floats over the meadows.

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Blog from Szumilas

Are you going to visit us? Do you want to get to know Lubiatowo and its surroundings better? Check out our Blog, where we put a lot of interesting and useful information during your stay at Szumilas – Cottages by the sea.

They wrote about us

We are proud that we have been awarded many times in travel guides and articles about architecture: LABEL, Slowhop, Elle Decor, DesignAlive, designboom.

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We are eco

We like to be consistent with nature. Respect for the surrounding, nature was a priority for us when creating Szumilas. The well-thought-out architecture of our houses, the selection of natural materials in the interiors, the creation of a garden with plant species found in the area, and taking a number of other pro-ecological activities make staying in Szumilas conscious and extremely restful.

Ecology in Szumilas
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